The Kingdom Exim Group of Companies has set aside Tuesday, November 29, 2022, to commemorate, EIB Network’s CEO, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi’s silver jubilee and singular impact in the media space.

As part of the efforts to commemorate media magnate and EIB’s boss’s silver jubilee in the media space, the group known as the leading company, diverse in business sectors such as agriculture, shipping & logistics, engineering & construction, hospitality, as well as technology and innovation, held a celebration party at their office dubbed “Celebrating 25 Years of Excellent Service in the Media Space” to honour him for his impact and genuine personality in all of his end results.

According to the management of Kingdom Exim Group, the company has found a friend in Bola Ray and admires his excellence in the media space, which qualifies him for this special celebration. “25 years in the media space is a milestone worth celebrating.”

Speaking at the gathering, the management, said Bola Ray is worth celebrating due to his genuine media practice, which is worth emulating.

“The Board and Management of the Kingdom Exim Group of Companies have found a friend in you, Mr. Bola Ray, and would like to join you in celebrating this milestone. You stand out among the others. You are not only unique, but also a genuine practitioner. It is our desire that you continue to excel beyond imagination and soar higher like the eagles in all your endeavors. Live long, Bola Ray, and God bless you richly,” the management said.

The media mogul launched ‘Project Impact’ to observe his 25th-anniversary celebration, a project to hold mentorship programmes every month for young people across the country.

According to the media entrepreneur, this is part of his efforts to give back to society and ensure equal opportunity for the youth.

He added that “Project Impact” will have personalities from all industries, like; fashion, music, agriculture, finance, etc., to guide young people in making career choices.