NDC USA goes to Texas on December 2, 2022 to elect their Chapter Executives for the next four years. I must say that the road to Texas has not been an easy one, and it will go into the history books as one of the most controversial conferences we may ever have.

It started in June 2022, when New York Branch almost won the bid to host the conference. Some of us thought we were going to New York until early November when there was an emergency executive meeting to decide on which branch to host the conference.

A little known branch in Texas was mentioned to compete with almighty New York. At the end of voting, Texas won 12 to 5, and so a decision was made to go to Texas.

Then came the unthinkable, uneducated, shameful, village-like, barbaric, and the most disgraceful incident on the Election Day in Washington Metro Branch, where the incumbent Chairman for fear of losing his seat, called the police on his competitor. His competitor was challenging a bloated register and also people who were asked to vote, even though they were not members of the branch.

Then also the controversy surrounding the new voters register in Texas. I heard the old executives were still holding unto the voters register, two weeks after being voted out of office. The reason for doing so was to get more people unto the voters register even though the cut off for registering voters ended in June 2022.

As late as yesterday (2 days to the election) there was an issue of how many a voter can vote for the Vice Chairman position. Some group want one voter to vote for five candidates on the ballot paper. The Electoral Commission insists that they will go by the Standing Orders approved by NDC FEC, which states that one voter should vote for one candidate on the ballot paper.

At a meeting last night with all NDC USA members, the Deputy Director of the International Relations Department (IRD) Hon, Fred Agbenyo told us that a letter is coming from the IRD today on their position on the issue. The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Frederick Johnson, has already indicated that if the contents of the letter is significantly different from the Standing Orders, they will not go by that directive. So here is where we are.

We have lived with these candidates for at least four years. We should know those who worked for the NDC and those whose names just popped up because of this election. Vote wisely on December 3, to elect hard working and fearless leaders who will help move NDC USA and NDC to the next level. I need not say more.

Mahama reba
Dr. Lawrence Appiah is the Communications Officer hopeful for NDC USA.

Source: Ghana/Kasapaonline.com/102.5FM