Ghana’s democracy is under attack judging from the well-orchestrated plot by the opposition NDC to sow or plant seeds of treachery in our politics.

The NDC would stop at nothing to ensure that political power becomes their lot and if that means they have to churn out palpable lies to achieve that, they’re ready to do so.

This revelation about the NDC’s 2021 election petition is dangerous to the present and future health of our democracy and must be condemned passionately and loudly.

How can the NDC be trusted with political power with such an evil mindset? Our democracy and economy must not be toyed with as far as the opposition party is concerned.

The NDC’s manifest dishonesty and baseless petition to overturn the 2020 elections at the Supreme Court has been exposed by the party’s General Secretary.

I call on John Dramani Mahama to apologize to the Supreme Court for calling the Court a Unanimous FC, when he knew the NDC did not have any evidence whatsoever to prove their case in court, and they were only aiming to waste the precious time of the court and Ghanaians generally.

Ghanaians are advised never to trust NDC in any future election petition whatsoever.

I am also calling on civil society organizations to speak to this blatant dishonesty of the NDC, disrespect to Ghanaians, and the abuse of the legal system.

It is my humble plea to the Judiciary to sanction all the NDC lawyers who participated in the fabrication of evidence to waste the Supreme Court’s time and resources.

George Krobea Asante
(Deputy National Communications Director, NPP)