Some Ghanaian voters are so vulnerable and weak minded to the extent that in May 2023, people will take GHC 20 or two cups of rice and vote for a particular party/candidate.

In Ghana, you get a voter who will say, I am an Akan and see no reason why I should vote for a particular party. When asked if she doesn’t vote for development and for her future, the Ghanaian voter says, all her family members vote for the same party

Only in Ghana that University graduates are made to believe that Nkonfem (Guinea fowls) can fly from Ghana to Burkina Fasso, and vote based on that information.

Only in Ghana that voters are made to believe that a sitting President, with all the fleet of cars at the presidency at his disposal, will accept a used Ford as bribe through Ghana’s embassy. The hollow Ghanaian voter will vote based on that nonsense.

Did we hear Dr. Bawumiah speaking of Nkonfem and Dumsor in a local election? Did you hear the applause that followed it? Dr. Bawumiah has no message and knows how weak the mindset of the voters he talks to are.

I heard that the machines used in constructing the roads in Kumawu have all been taken from the road sites. Didn’t the NDC tell the Kumawu voters that this was exactly what the NPP was going to do? Didn’t they still vote for the NPP?

In 2016, the Ghanaian voter was told that the face of Ghana will be changed for the better in 18 months. Seven years down the road, this same Ghanaian is being told to give the NPP four more years to change the face of Ghana, and they have people listening to them.

Unfortunately, in May 2023, the Ghanaian voter is still being told that COVID-19 and the Russian war are the cause of all our problems. The vulnerable Ghanaian voter is believing this joke.

This article is not meant for the NPP, who already know how vulnerable and weak some Ghanaian voters are and have always taken advantage of them. The NPP gets these voters hungry and buys them with a cup of gari or rice on Election Day.

This article is for the NDC, who still think the Ghanaian voter will vote for a hospital over gari and rice. The fact is, most Ghanaian voters are not deep-thinkers and NDC should know how to situate their campaign as we go to Assin North and Election 2024. NDC should be mindful that a cup of gari, rice or GHC20 can still buy a Ghanaian voter in this 21st century. Such voters don’t vote on issues, and they don’t vote for developments.
Mahama reba

Dr. Lawrence Appiah is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA

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