The Gyasehemaa of Jedu in the Mfantseman Municipality of the Central Region has advised teenagers especially students in basic schools in the Community to resort to Contraceptive pills anytime they have sexual intercourse to prevent them from getting pregnant.

According to Nana Ewusiwaa I, taking contraceptive pills after sex among teenagers is the best way to prevent teenage pregnancy among students which is high in the area.

She observed the worrying situation where many teenagers between 12 and 14 years have dropped out of school due to unwanted pregnancy.

“As a woman in this community, my advice to young women is to cut down on teenage pregnancy. They should think about contraception or not being pregnant at the moment because teenage pregnancy is not good. I advise the teenagers to use contraception, that is the best way, it prevents sexual diseases and sexual infections. As a woman you need to keep yourself safe. Teenage pregnancy is a problem here in Jedu that we need to discuss with the women and try to sort thing out. Use contraception, be safe but don’t be forced to do it, consent is the most important thing,” Nana Ewusiwaa I who is also a Medical Doctor in UK, said in an interview with Ghone News, Yaw Boagyan on the sidelines of the Jedu Akwambo festival on the Theme: Celebrating of 34th Excellent Leadership Anniversary.

She further advised Parents in Jedu to also use family planning to reduce the rate at which they are giving birth.

Meanwhile, some of the Queen mothers in the Jedu Community have advised teenagers to stay away from sex, if possible, to prevent teenage pregnancy.

They are blaming the parents for the high teenage pregnancy because they failed to take good care of their Children.

Source: Yaw Boagyan