The Ghana Police Service bids farewell to one of its most distinguished horses, P/H Corporal Queen Mother.

The gallant horse, known for its unwavering dedication and service, passed away on the 8th of August 2023, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable ceremonial performances and state functions.

P/H Corporal Queen Mother, a symbol of honour and loyalty, had been with the Police Mounted Squadron since 2019, embodying the values of the Service through its tireless contributions.

The majestic horse had taken part in numerous significant events, including Independence Day Parades, the opening of Parliament during the State of the Nation’s Adress and graduation of Cadet Officers.

The Service’s bond with P/H Corporal Queen Mother extended beyond duty, with the horse becoming a beloved member of the Police family. Its imposing presence and dignified demeanour made it a crowd favourite during public events, evoking a sense of pride and respect.

A statement issued by the Police said “As the Ghana Police Service mourns the loss of its distinguished horse, it also celebrates the invaluable contributions it made to the Service and the nation as a whole. The legacy of this remarkable horse will continue to inspire and remind Ghanaians of the unwavering commitment and dedication that define the nation’s law enforcement agency.

“In honour of its contributions to the service P/H Corporal Queen Mother has been post humorously promoted to the rank of a Sergeant.”

P/H Corporal Queen Mother, now P/H Sergeant Queen Mother left behind three offsprings, the youngest being being two weeks old.