Renowned Kumawood actor, Lil Win, has made a surprising foray into the political arena, announcing his intention to run for the parliamentary seat in the Afigya Kwabre South constituency.

Kwadwo Nkansah, as he is known in showbiz, plans to take up this cause as an independent candidate in the Ashanti Region.

LilWin’s decision to embark on a political journey stems from the encouragement and backing he received from local chiefs and elders within the constituency.

According to him, these influential figures in the region strongly urged him to take up the mantle and contest for the seat.

Speaking on Accra-based Okay FM, Lil Win revealed that the chiefs approached him last year with the proposal of standing as an independent candidate for the parliamentary seat.

“In October of last year, I found myself in a situation where a group of elders approached me. They had already discussed the possibility of me becoming their MP as an independent candidate.

“They assured me of their commitment to securing my triumph in the election,” LilWin explained.

He also disclosed that their persistence intensified after the release of his recent movie, ‘Mr. President.’

After watching the film, the chiefs and leaders visited him to communicate their resolute stance on his candidacy, emphasizing that his family members, including his mother and uncle, were in support of his decision to run.

While initially hesitant about entering politics, LilWin shared that the insistence from the chiefs and local leaders eventually convinced him.

“My initial response was that I wasn’t interested, yet they still kept pressuring me to contest as an independent candidate, that way I do not divide my fans be they NPP, NDC or CPP supporters.

“They also said that I will be provided with an English language tutor so that I can speak better and express myself,” LilWin recounted.

Discussing his plans for the constituency, LilWin emphasized his commitment to addressing the challenges faced by local youth, particularly those grappling with drug and alcohol-related issues.

He expressed his intention to prioritize job creation as a means to combat the hardships faced by the young population.

“In our region, many of the youths face hardships stemming from drug and alcohol issues. So, I think if I come, I will focus on jobs… because there are no jobs, they are engaging in all kinds of deviant behaviours,” he stated.