The Greater Accra Regional Police Command has asked leadership of the Minority in Parliament to relocate routes and destinations of its planned protest demanding the resignation of the Governor, Deputy Governors and Board of Directors of the Bank of Ghana.

The organizers of the upcoming demonstration intend to begin the protest from the frontage of Parliament House, through Osu Cemetry traffic light, Ministry of Finance, High Court Complex, Kinbu-Makola-Rawlings Park-Opera Square-Bank of Ghana.

But the Police Command following an engagement with the organizers on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, and assuring them of its readiness to provide them the needed security to exercise their constitutional right to demonstrate, found the chosen routes problematic after undertaking security assessment.

“Police drew their attention to the fact that using their selected routes may endanger public order and public safety among others. We, therefore, requested the organizers to relocate the routes and destination of picketing in the interest of public order, public safety and running of essential services,” a statement signed by Head, Public Affairs, Accra Regional Police Command, Superintendent of Police, Juliana Obeng stated.

According to the Police, they are waiting to hear from the organizers to enable them to provide them the necessary security during the protest.

“We would like to assure the public that the Police will continue to deliver on our mandate, as we work together to deepen our democratic credentials as a country,” the statement added.