The Ghana Health Service has issued a crucial advisory to teenagers in schools nationwide, urging them to promptly seek assistance from the police if they encounter any instances of teachers or other individuals making inappropriate romantic advances toward them.

According to the Ghana Health Service (GHS), taking this proactive step is among the most effective measures to combat and reduce teenage pregnancies in the country.

This guidance was emphasized during the Education Talk Series for Junior High Schools in the Atiwa West District, which was orchestrated by Mr. Samuel Awuah Dankwa, an esteemed educationist and philanthropist.

The educational talk series at the Kwabeng Presby Church was a resounding success, with the Queen Mother for Boma, Nana Dr. Boatemaa Korama, serving as the guest speaker.

The event also saw the participation of key figures, including Atiwa West DCE Seth Asante, representatives from the Police, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Education Service, clergy members, Muslim leaders, traditional leaders, parents, teachers, students, and dignitaries from various areas.

Under the theme “Empowering Teens: Striving for Health, Education, and Stronger Communities Amid Teenage Pregnancies,” the program underscored the Awuah Dankwa Atiwa West Students Association’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being and prospects of the youth in the area. Students actively engaged with the diverse array of stakeholders, asking questions and seeking solutions to the issues affecting them.

The Ghana Health Service raised concerns about the surge in teenage pregnancies nationwide.

Sandra Brago, a representative speaking on behalf of Richard Bekoe Benedict, the Atiwa West District Health Director, expressed the Health Directorate’s delight in Mr. Samuel Awuah Dankwa’s initiative to organize such an event for teenagers in the area.

She further highlighted that, based on reports available to the Health Directorate; the current situation is indeed alarming. It underscores the pressing need for comprehensive efforts to mitigate and prevent teenage pregnancies in the Atiwa West District.

Etwereso Hene Daasebre with Bomaa Queen Mother and Awuah Dankwa

On her part, the Queen Mother for Bomaa Nana Dr. Boatemaa Korama illustrated a scenario involving two girls who experienced contrasting life outcomes due to their environments.

In this scenario, the first girl was unable to avoid early sexual activity, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy that disrupted her education and led to a challenging life.

Conversely, the second girl managed to maintain her well-being, successfully completed her university education, secured a lucrative job with a commendable salary, and enjoyed a significantly improved quality of life.

The Queen Mother emphasized the importance of reflecting on this story and drawing valuable lessons from it as a means of preventing teenage pregnancies.

In addition, Odau Manhene and Okyehene Benkum Hene (Acting), who also serves as the President for the Odau Traditional Area, has thrown his weight behind Mr. Samuel Awuah Dankwa, Founder of Awuah Dankwa Education Foundation as the ideal candidate to replace Amoako Attah as the Member of Parliament for Atiwa West in the upcoming NPP primaries.

The endorsement came following a remarkable educational talk series organized by the Awuah Dankwa Atiwa West Students Association. The event, aimed at addressing the critical issue of teenage pregnancies in the Atiwa West constituency, garnered significant attention from various stakeholders.

After the event, Daasebre Ofosu Kwabi Ayebiahwe, the Chief for Akyem Etwereso, spoke to journalists about the endorsement, emphasizing that while chiefs are typically not involved in politics, he couldn’t remain silent given Samuel Awuah Dankwa’s exemplary leadership qualities.

Daasebre Ayebiahwe expressed his full support for Awuah Dankwa’s candidacy and urged delegates to cast their votes in his favor during the 2024 NPP Parliamentary Candidate selection.

Source: Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor, Agoo FM