The consequences of Climate change have come to a head, and the people of Ghana are  no exception to this. Experts say that the amount of torrential rains that Ghana has experienced this year, is out of the ordinary, and occurs once every 50 years.

The country has experienced extremely heavy rainfalls that continue through what should have been the beginning of the dry season.This extraordinary phenomenon has had adverse effects on the nation’s people,farms, homes, and businesses. Last year, Ghana Water had to open its dams due to excessive rainfall, this year , unfortunately , it is the unfortunate turn of the Volta River Authority.

The heavy rainfalls this year, especially within the Volta River catchment has resulted in the the rapid rise in the water level at the Akosombo Dam. As part of its mandate to maintain the integrity of the Akosombo and Kpong Dams and prevent the overtopping of the dams, VRA started a controlled spill from the dams. As the spills continued, the rains continued to poured heavily and the dam’s water level rose rapidly, exceeding the maximum operating level of 276 feet. VRA was then forced increased the spill rate even further from October 9, 2023.

This resulted in increased flooding in a number of communities in the North, South and Central Tongu Districts, as well as Ada East District.

Since the spilling began till date, High level members of VRA and NADMO have been present on a daily basis  in the affected areas,  not only to assess the impact of the spill, but also to provide large quantities of relief items as well as carry out educational drives on safety in the communities.VRA and NADMO have provided and continue to provide evacuation to safe havens on higher ground for the affected victims.

VRA has shown dedication to provide all available assistance to the flood victims.

Briefing the press on the Akosombo dam, the VRA Chief Executive, Emmanuel Antwi-Darkwa has assured all that “The people of these communities are our people and we share in their pain, VRA will deploy every available resource in order to alleviate the current difficulties that we are facing.We are in this together and we will not leave any one behind”
To make good on this promise, VRA , in collaboration with NADMO have  provided numerous relief items, such as  mattresses, canned food,rice, sugar, toiletries, boats, and hot meals estimated to be worth  millions  of Ghana cedis to the flood victims.

Additionally, VRA is providing tanker water supply service for the impacted communities as well as potable drinking water
VRA vows to stand with these communities until the spilling ends. They are committed to intensifying the relief supplies for the affected communities

In line with its already existing evacuation preparation plan, VRA has mobilized  staff from its own hospital and clinics to provide high quality healthcare services

Prior to this, for the past 13 years, VRA has been holding annual stakeholder sensitization workshops, without fail for all the districts of the communities that will be impacted by a spill activity or a dam break. The workshops focus on the likely impacts and what people are to do when they get the notification.

VRA empathises with the difficulties that the flood victims continue to face, and have promised to continue to provide supplies, support and any other form of relief they can to the affected victims