The Ashanti Regional Chief Imam, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Haroun is demanding an apology from the Member of Parliament for the Ningo Prampram Constituency, Samuel Nartey George for describing Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia’s as a “religious prostitute’’ hopping from church to Mosque.

According to the Imam such comments do not promote national unity and must be condemned by all Ghanaians including the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which he Sam George is a member and a continues benefactor of majority of Muslim community votes across the country.

He disclosed the Islamic religion is not against Islamic-Christian association including marriage.

Explaining further to GHone News, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Haroun said, “the leader and founder of the Islamic religion gave us the free will for our men to marry Christians. The prophet opened his mosque for Christians to worship Allah (God) in it when he hosted Christian members. The Vice President who is a known Muslim is leading a new path which no Muslim has ever attempted to champion in Ghana because of his proper understanding of the Quran and the Islamic religion’’ he explained.

According to him Prophet Mohammed came to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ and to condemn Christianity therefore respect between the two religions must be protected.

He described the Ningo Prampram MP as ignorant of the Islamic religion stressing Vice President Bawumia has not violated any code of conduct against Islam with his close association with the Christian community.

“Sam George has verbally abused Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia for moving from Church to church as part of his Islamic religion by promoting co-existence between the two dominated religions in Ghana. He must retract his unfortunate statement and apologize to Dr. Bawumia because he has not violated any code of conduct in Islam. If he fails to do so we will not accept any Christian into our mosque again for any reason’’ he warned.

He however praised the Vice President for further bridging the gap between the Ghanaian Christian and the Islamic Communities.

“Nobody should take the Vice President Commitment to Islam as a joke. He reads the Quran in Arabic and the English translated version for a deeper understanding of what Prophet Mohammed expects from us. That is exactly what he is putting into practice by leading the way for others to follow .
National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag bearer Former President John Dramani Mahama invited all the 16 regional Chief Imam’s to a meeting at the Kumasi Central Mosque where all came. He is a Christian and the meeting was held in mosque do that makes him a moslem or a violation of his religion. He even entered the mosque without removing his shoe but be saw nothing wrong with that because he is a leader and not a member Islam’’ he questioned.

He further stressed “the President of Pakistan Mamudu Abass on every 24th of every night attends watchnight Christian prayer service of the Christian community in Pakistan. There are a lot of Muslim men who have also married Christian men there so let note that we are one people with different regions with common respect. Let’s not allow politics to divide us’’ he pleaded.

Source: Isaac Justice Bediako