The Judicial Service of Ghana has denied allegations that two Bungalows occupied by late Supreme Court judge, Justice Samuel Marful-Sau and His Lordship justice Victor Ofoe, Justice of the Court of Appeal (Rtd), have been sold out.

According to the judicial Service “the plan under Government’s Redevelopment Scheme as expressed to the Judicial Service
was to increase the housing stock in the enclave within a two (2)year period from the date of hand over of the properties to the Ministry,” rather than a sale.

Earlier this week, there were news circulating that the Minister for Works and Housing Francis Asenso-Boakye, conspired with a former Chief Justice to sell the official residence of the late Justice Samuel Marful-Sau.

But, clarifying the matter in a statement issued on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 the Judicial service said, the redevelopment project will be more beneficial to the judicial service.

“Upon completion of the project, four (4) housing units were to be allocated to the Judicial Service for use by Superior Court Judges,” the statement said.

“The Judicial Service accepted the offer, recognizing the serious accommodation deficit faced by the Judiciary, whilst taking into consideration the security and safety requirements of judges, and also convinced that the project will be beneficial to the Judicial Service,” the statement noted.

“Following a series of meetings between representatives of Government, Judicial Service and the Ministry of Works and Housing regarding the two (2) properties mentioned above, an agreement dated 17m February, 2023 was entered into between the Judiciai Service and the Ministry of Works and Housing to proceed with the project.

“Developments on the said land are therefore covered by an agreement concluded between
the Judicial Service and the Ministry of Works and Housing,” the Statement concluded.

Source: Inusah