The rhythmic beat of drums echoed through the valley, signaling the arrival of Nii Sowah GbɔbilɔDjata II the respected leader of the tribe after a successful swearing in lead by La Agbawɛ MantsɛMiyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II.

Families from all corners of the community converged for his arrival, adorned in vibrant colors, with the flickering flames of torches illuminating their eager faces.

With a voice that carried the weight of tradition, Nii Sowah GbɔbilɔDjata II spoke passionately about the commitment to unity, justice, and prosperity.

The community erupted into cheers, clapping and ululations filling the air. The Chief acknowledged the warm welcome with a humble nod, a smile playing on his lips.

In response to the genuine outpouring of affection, he expressed gratitude for the community’s unwavering support and emphasized the importance of working together for a brighter future.

His words inspired hope, instilling a renewed sense of purpose in every heart. The rousing welcome set the tone for a period of collaboration and growth, reaffirming the bond between Chief of Oyarifa and the community he so ardently geared up to serve.


The Supreme Council La Agbawɛ lead by La Agbawɛ Mantsɛ Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II has sworn in Nii Sowah Gbɔbilɔ Djata II as Chief of Oyarifa.

The Agbawe Mantsɛ, Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II took this radical wisdom decision in conformity with the power invested in him by the Agbawe Akutso and the Supreme Council of La-Agbawe to swear in Nii Sowah Gbɔbilɔ Djata II as the legitimate chief of Oyarifa.

The Oyarifa Stool has been vacant for the past forty (40) years.

The colorful ceremony held that the Supreme Council of La Agbawɛ premises had the presence of houses that forms the council namely Jaasetse Nii Rapheal Mensah, Nii Kplen Stephen Adjei Akporh, Nii Owusu, Nii Asua, Nii Awua, Nii Kpobi, Nii Oleenu.
Others are Asafoatse Gbagbe, Asafoatse Asua, Otsaame Nukpa-Last, Otsaame Fio-Moses and the secretary to the Supreme Council, Nii Akporh Larsey.

Dzata took the oath of allegiance before Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II assisted by Jaasetse, Nii Raphael Mensah.

He promised to be available when called upon rain or shine – day or night except in sickness.

The La Agbawɛ Mantsɛ Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II in response to the oath stated that Nii Sowah Gbɔbilɔ Djata II will have to respond to his calls at any given time unless he is unwell.

“I La Agbawɛ Mantsɛ engaged as I’ve sworn in front of La Agbawɛ that whenever you are called you will response. When you don’t respond to the call, the power we have given you today will be taken away. May God help us all” La Agbawɛ Mantsɛ Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II indicated as part of the swearing in ceremony.

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