The former Communications Director of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) Norbert Gborgbortsi has claimed that about 40 to 50 % of some private senior high schools which were once very popular have been turned into poutry and pig farms.

According to the Educationist, these schools have folded up due to frustration their proprietors have had to endure due to the implementation of the Free Senior High School programme.

Speaking on Ghana Kasa show on Kasapa  102.5FM Tuesday, Norbert Gborgbosti who did not name any of such schools turned into a poutry of pig farm, alleged there’s a calculated move to collapse private schools so there will be only public schools operating at the Senior High School level.

”Schools established by private individuals which will serve as competition to the government schools are being closed down so we have like the Nkrumah’s era one party state, so that we have only government schools that are operating. They know that if they allow the private schools to operate at their maximum and the public schools becuase of free SHS they have lots of students in there, the rate at which absorption is done will reduce, thereby making the private schools more popular. So they have to find a way of collapsing them, making them not workable and when you do this you are collapsing the whole nation. Because the State will be denied taxes that would have come from the private schools,” he told host Bonohene Baffuor Awah.

Mr Gborgbortsi added: ”It is not surprising that some of the private senior high schools in the country have turned into poultry and pig farms. It is very wrong, about 40 to 50% of private schools which were very popular have been turned into poultry farms and they are using it for other things becuase the fustration is too much. Even this year, more schools will fold up. During last year’s placement for BECE graduates, I encountered more than 10 students who had good grades but just because they attended private schools they were not placed in any school. And then when you go to the Education Office, the officers will tell you that next time, let your children attend government schools and not private schools so that it will be easy to place them in senior high schools. It is something that is planned and known to everyone, so when you do a review, you will correct all these mistakes and make sure you encourage competition. Who told you it’s through monopoly that Free SHS will be sustained.”