The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) is alaying fears of an increase in transport fares effective 7th March 2024 describing the announcement as an illegality.

Regional Chairmen of some transport unions announced an increment in fares owing to what they describe as incessant fuel price increment and general cost of running the transport business.

But the General Secretary of the GRTCC, Emmanuel Ohene Yeboah in an interview with Starr News refuted the claim saying no conclusion has been reached on an increase in transport fares.

”The last time we increased transport fares, fuel price was around 23 Cedis per litre and now fuel price is around 13 Cedis per litre. So until we get to the 23 and move on to the next 10% the commulative benefit over the period that fuel has been dangling around 11, 12 and all that, where does the benefit goes? Are you telling me that nobody is gaining any benefit? there has been some benefits however minimal it is.

He added: ”We agree we have to increase the transport fares but the manner and procedure they want to adopt we don’t agree with them. We depart entirely from them, because we can’t just come to the news and say we are increasing fares. What are your determinations? Call those who brought the news out and ask them how they arrived at that decision.”