The opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) says the alleged leakage of the Electoral Commission’s timetable for 2023 election is a mark of incompetence and recklessness on the part of the Commissioners.

It follows an announcement by the state-owned Daily Graphic newspaper on its website of a timetable which among others indicates the exhibition of the voters register to begin on 15th to 24th July, with the final register submitted to the political parties between 30th August and 5th September 2024.

Reacting to this, the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mustapha Gbande in an interview with Starr News accused the EC of demonstrating gross incompetence.

”Whilst we are discussing they are hiding behind and listening to what the opinions will be. That is not how the Commission is run, they must run the commission properly. To what benefit will it be to write a letter and say that we have a family gathering to plan a funeral and then you wake up and you are performing the funeral in your in-law’s house without your family members.

”What benefit will it be to the Electoral Commission when you have agreed and said that let us come to an IPAC meeting to discuss a timetable, then you go and plant the story. Is it not their own plan that is out? Why did they leak it, an agenda that is supposed to be discussed at IPAC how did it get leaked to Daily Graphic such that now the media and the public is concerned and we have to be debating this in the news when it is supposed to be IPAC.”