The leader and founder of the Movement for Change and 2024 Independent Presidential Aspirant, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, has admonished Christians who constitutes close to 72% of Ghanaian population to pray to God to lead them to choose a leader who will restore hope to hopeless Ghanaians.

Speaking at Dr Thomas Wyat Assembly of the Church of Pentecost in Accra, the man known by many as Alan Cash was of the view that with Christ risen from the death, which naturally should bring joy to humanity, he was not sure everyone was in that joyous mood as a country as poverty keeps winning over Ghanaians inspite of our 67years as an Independent country.

Mr. Kyerematen thanking the Chairman of the church of Pentecost and the local leaders at the Thomas Wyatt Assembly, for facilitating his visit to the church and also the overwhelming reception,minced no words by explaining the importance of the Church of Pentecost in determining who becomes the President of Ghana.

Mr. Kyerematen who himself is not only a Christian but a practicing Christian with an impeccable public life,asked Christians in Ghana to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them in choosing amongst those that will be contesting in the December 7 Presidential elections,the one after God’s heart.

He praised the church of Pentecost for their contribution to the country’s development in the area of health,education and winning souls for Christ.

Mr.Kyerematen pleaded with Christians and in particular the Church of Pentecost to vote for him come December 7,2024,to transform the country.

Brother Emmanuel Asante
Church of Pentecost
Dr Thomas Wyatt Assembly