John Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has cautioned Ghanaians against expecting any positive developments in the final months of the current government’s tenure.

Mahama minced no words as he criticized the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, attributing increased hardship and soaring unemployment rate to economic mismanagement.

He lamented the significant rise in unemployment, from 8.5% to a troubling 14.7%, underscoring the dire situation faced by a sizable portion of the country’s 30 million population.

Expressing profound skepticism regarding the current administration’s capacity to tackle the pressing issue of unemployment and deteriorating economic situation, Mahama emphasized the failure of the government to implement meaningful reforms despite being granted an extended four-year term.

Mahama asserted that hopes for positive change under the current leadership were futile.

“Unemployment rate was 8.5% today it is 14.7% meaning out of the 30million population 14.7% have no job. We gave you [NPP]four years you said you want four more. We added the four more. If anyone is expecting anything good understand this government then forget because all that they can do is what they have done. Nothing good will be added. It is left with 8 months to election thry can’t do anything again”.

He said this when addressing thousands of party supporters following a symbolic “24-hour economy walk” in Kwahu-Atibie as part of Easter festivities.

Former President John Mahama reiterated his commitment to addressing the needs of Ghanaian youth by decoupling the Ministry of Youth and Sports to have Youth Development Ministry.

Mr. Mahama expressed concern over the current Ministry of Youth and Sports,stating its disproportionate focus on sports at the expense of broader youth development initiatives.

He underscored the importance of empowering young people with employment opportunities, highlighting their pivotal role in his proposed 24-hour economy policy.

The proposed ministry, according to Mahama, will serve as a platform to harness the potential of Ghana’s youth, providing them with avenues for skills development, education, and meaningful engagement in the country’s economic progress.

Speaking about the upcoming election, John Mahama said the NDC is going into this election with extra vigilance therefore will soon scout for competent polling station agents from among the youth for training therefore urged then to avail themselves to serve when the time comes.

The National Youth Organizer of the NDC George Opare Addo in his address warned the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Bryan Acheampong and the NPP for allegedly plotting not to accept defeat based on their repeated public ultrances that never will they hand over power to the NDC.

“We want to caution Bryan Acheampong if he has family, his family should advise him. Because he dare not try anything funny in this country that NPP won’t hand over power. He should try if of the good people of Ghana speak and vote out the NPP they nobody can change the will of the people”. George Opare Addo warned.

The walk was participated by some former Ministers, and government appointees of the NDC , some national, Regional executives and parliamentary candidates as well as thousands of teeming supporters of the party.

Eastern Regional Chairman of NDC Dr.Mark Oliver Kevor in an interview also cautioned Bryan Acheampong that his businesses will go down first if he dares attempt destabilize the peace of the country by circumventing the will of the electorates.

Source: Ansah