Senior Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo has urged President Akufo-Addo to release the report of the investigation into the contract between the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Strategic Mobilisation Ghana Ltd (SML) conducted by auditing firm KPMG.

According to Prof. Gyampo, he’s been informed that KPMG has submitted the report to the President.

President Nana Akufo-Addo extended the period within which KPMG was to complete its audit on the GRA and SML deal, from the initial date of Tuesday, 16th January 2024, to a new date of Friday, 23rd February 2024 after KPMG requested for extension of time.

In an Open Letter to President Akufo Addo, Prof. Gyampo said that given that there were serious allegations of corruption about the deal by a media house, the President cannot sit on the report.

He noted that the good people of Ghana have the RIGHT to know the contents of the report, and this is a simple truism that must not elude any government that believes in the dogmas of accountability and transparency.

”The guys in the media who reported the matter and made serious allegations of corruption about the deal, may, for whatever reason, suddenly not be interested in pushing you to get the report out. But, you do not need the media to force you to do the needful. You used to advocate for human rights many years ago when you weren’t President of Ghana, and you probably know better than all Ghanaians that, the good people of Ghana, have the right to know what is contained in the KPMG work on the SML.

”At the moment, rumours are being peddled that, you probably want to “cover up” or tamper with the report. A simple swift publication of the report would prevent these rumours from festering. Respectfully, Sir, even though you are done and exiting, I think you must be interested in the legacy you are leaving behind in promoting good governance, accountability, transparency, responsiveness and in the fight against corruption. You must also be interested in how your last-minute actions and inactions impact the electoral fortunes of the political organization that birthed your presidency.”

Prof. Gyampo asserted that the sufficiently early release of the report would help improve the Akufo-Addo government’s bad track record in fighting corruption.

”My teacher, Prof E. Gyimah-Boadi has publicly noted that your track record in the fight against corruption is in tatters. In my candid view, the timeous release of the KPMG report on the SML deal, would be helpful in shaping and improving this track record. All is not lost, Mr President, there is some room for improvement. Please release the KPMG Report on the SML deal, for the good people of Ghana have the right to know.”