Inflation for March has risen to 25.8 percent from the 23.2 percent recorded in February 2024, indicating a 2.6 percentage point increase.

The food inflation rate also increased from 27.0 percent in February to 29.6 percent in March. Non-food inflation for March was reported at 22.6 percent.

Government Statistician Professor Samuel Kobina Annim made this known on Wednesday, April 10 at a press conference.

“In the month of March 2024, rate of inflation stood at 25.8%, year-on-year inflation relative to 23.2 % recorded for the month of February 2024. This indicates that we have a seen a surge in the rate of inflation by 2.6%, increasing from 23.2% to 25.8% for the month of March 2024.”

“Disaggregating this for the food and non-food perspective, the rate of inflation for food was 29.6% relative to non-food 22.6%. Both food and non-food inflation have seen a 2.6% increase in its rate of inflation between February and March 2024,” he stated.