The board of Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) has reinstated Amerado’s “Kwaku Ananse” in the race for the Most Popular Song of the Year.

This follows a recent review period designated for reporting errors and omissions in the nomination process.

A press release, issued on 15 April 2024, detailed the adjustments made by the TGMA board.

The board admitted an oversight concerning the categorisation of “Kwaku Ananse.” Initially nominated for Best Highlife Song (remix version), the board recognised the immense popularity of the original song. As a result, “Kwaku Ananse” is now a contender in both the Best Highlife Song and Most Popular Song of the Year categories.

Another notable correction involved the song “Lonely Road” by O’Kenneth & Xlim Kid. Initially submitted as a featured work, it is now recognised as a collaborative effort by both artists.

Robert Klah, representing the 25th TGMA board, expressed appreciation to the music community for their participation in the nomination review process.

He emphasised the board’s commitment to fairness and transparency, acknowledging the role of stakeholders over the past 25 years.

This decision comes after Ghanaian rapper Amerado publicly questioned the TGMA organisers for excluding the original version of “Kwaku Ananse” from the nominations.

While remixes featuring Fameye and another song, “The Hardest,” received recognition, the original “Kwaku Ananse” was initially overlooked.