Ministers and leaders of the Christian faith community have been admonished to uphold the moral compass of society by extending their roles beyond the pulpit by influencing the ethics foundations and shaping lives through the profound messages of faith, hope and life.

As Ghana navigates the complex modern world, Irene Naa Torshi Addo Administrator of District Assemblies Common Fund, speaking at the Ghana Baptist Convention general assembly meeting in Ejura in the Ashanti region said the guidance of the Christian faith group becomes very critical.

She said “the principles of ethics accountability and responsibility are not mere theological concepts but are vital to the integrity and credibility of our ministries. As custodians of faith and communities your roles transcend to the boundaries of our churches’’ she admonished the church leaders.

She further said the essence of the Christian ministry must be rooted firmly in the second tenet of ethics, accountability and responsible principles that will not only define spiritual mandate but also underscore integrity in the ministerial ministry.

“Ethics as we discussed here today is about choices we make every day. It is about alienating our conduct with biblical teaching which calls us to act justly, love, and walk humbly with our God. Ethics is the cornerstone of our conduct as reflected in proverbs 11:3 which tells us that the integrity of the upright guides them but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity’’ she preached.

This wisdom she quoted underscores the importance of making a life of integrity while Christians actions and decisions are guided by unweaving moral clarity. It is this integrity that she said builds trust within Christian congregation and sets a standard for the ethical behavior accepted in all realms of life.


Highlighting on accountability in church administration in the Christ-like manner she admonished Church leaders to be transparent stewards, on church resources and responsibilities entrusted to their care and management.

“It demands from us an openness that builds trust within our congregation and communities accountability as stated in Romans 14:12 compere us to remember that “So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God” she admonished.

She further used this profound scripture to remind the congregation that they are not only accountable to their congregation but ultimately to the Almighty God.

She stressed “Transparency is our stewardship of the resources and responsibilities entrusted to us that fosters the culture of trust, veracity that extends beyond the walls of our churches.
Touching on responsibility, she urged the church leaders to recognize the impact of their action on the lives of others.

“ In the world, bringing challenges to your voices can influence change. Advocate for the oppressed and guide the lost. The mantle of leadership encouraged as ministers of the gospel is evidence but it also came with the opportunity to meet those in need. Responsibility as captured eloquently in look 12:48 “ To whom much is given, much will be required’’.

This she said highlights the significance of Christian calling and the benefits attached to the call into full ministry.

She therefore urged the ministers to use their gift to enrich themselves but for the enrichment of those around them and the people they are leading.

As the country approaches the critical juncture of the 2024 general elections she said “Our collective message of ethics, accountability and responsibility carries additional weight. Let us champion the course of peace. Ghana stands as a beacon of democracy and peace and we as leaders built in Christian faith must advocate for religious and political tolerance. Let us ensure that the vibrancy of our democracy is marched by the civility of our discourse fostering an atmosphere where divergent views are respected and harmony prevails’’ he she pleaded for unity.

She stressed Ghana has always been the beacon of democracy in Africa and leaders of religion and politics must foresee an environment where political and religious tolerance is the norm and not the exception.

“we must member that our diversity is in the strength and not in the weakness and that every voice deserves to be heard. We expect that during this time all leaders including all those in the faith will act responsibly by making pronouncement that promotes peace and stability of our nation Ghana because as ministers your words hold power’’ She said.

Source: Justice Bediako