Businessman, Richard Jakpa, the third accused person in the ongoing ambulance case says he does not feel his life is threatened after he revealed in open court  that the Attorney-General has been coercing him to implicate the first accused, Minority Leader Dr. Ato Forson.

Mr. Jakpa disclosed that the Attorney-General Godfred Dame has been calling him at odd hours to get him to help build a case against the former Deputy Finance Minister.

He subsequently released a recording of him and the Attorney General to back his claim which was publicly played by the opposition National Democratic Congress at a press conference.

Following the startling revelation, some persons have called for protection for Mr Jakpa fearing his life could be threatened.

But speaking to EIB Network Legal Affairs Correspondent, Murtala Inusah, Mr Jakpa said he does not fear he could be physically attacked.

Asked if he’s concerned about his security, he responded: “I am a Governor in the Jungle so I am not worried about Jungle business.”

Asked further if he doesn’t care someone will come after him, Mr Jakpa who is said to have some security background replied: “Well, they can try it, if they succeed, fine. But they must make sure they come with professionals. If they come with amateurs, it will be death sentence for them. They should be bringing professionals if they really want to come after me.”

The Journalist retorted: “Many see you as an outspoken person, you are a very strong man, is that the case?

He responded: “That is their opinion. What I know is that I am a principled man, that’s all. As for being a strong man its a different matter.”