The Leader of the All People’s Congress (APP) Hassan Ayariga says no serious person who has a future will join Alan Kyerematen’s Movement For Change.

Addressing a press conference in Accra, Hassan Ayariga predicts that Alan Kyerematen’s Movement For Change may not exist beyond the 2024 general elections just as some mushroom political parties in the past.

“So, if Alan is running for President and he is calling movements like Abu Sakara’s and others to join, these are mere movements that want to be known. For me, they have no substance, mine is a political party, it’s not a movement. This [Alan’s] movement will end after 2024 elections. Hopefully they will qualify and file. But I don’t see anybody who is following Alan Kyerematen to have future.”

Hassan Ayariga further states that Alan Kyerematen is no different from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that he broke away from.

“The point here is that if NPP is bad, Alan Kyerematen is worse. Because he is part of the team from Kufuor’s time to Akufo-Addo’s time he has worked with the government over this period. And if today, Alan is running as an independent candidate, he should tell us about NPP work, whether they are credible or not. If he agrees that NPP is credible, then he is credible. If he disagrees that NPP is not, and that NPP is bad then he is worse. It is a simple analogy.”