Fifteen persons have been injured as alleged land guards beat some residents and destroyed their building foundations at Abakrampa in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region.

This has led some fear-gripped residents thinking of vacating from the Abura Abakrampa Community.

According to the residents, they were at their houses when suspected land guards armed with weapons such as pistols, cutlasses, shockers, and pepper spray stormed the area where they were building their houses. The land guards vandalized their properties, beat masons, and others present severely.

Reports gathered indicate that the suspected land guards, numbering about 10, are frequently seen at the Chiefs of Abura Abakrampa’s Palace, reportedly under the chief’s protection.

Speaking in an interview with Kasapa News, some residents said these suspected land guards have been harassing them regularly without any provocation in the Abura Abakrampa Community. They claimed the land guards have been present in the community for months, always armed.

The angry residents expressed living in fear and panic, afraid that something worse might happen to them. Some mentioned that their properties such as palm trees and cocoa plants have been destroyed without their knowledge.

They blame the Paramount Chief of Abura Abakrampa for all the incidents. According to them, they will fight back against the land guards if no action is taken against the ongoing brutality.

Residents noted that anyone who dares to speak out against the suspected land guards’ brutality receives merciless beatings. They described the land guards as always wearing military trousers with face masks and military scarves.

They are appealing to the Inspector General of Police, President Akufo-Addo, the National Security Coordinator, the National House of Chiefs, and the Central Regional House of Chiefs to intervene urgently, as the maltreatment and harassment by the land guards are beyond their endurance. Otherwise, they warned, they will shed blood and confront the land guards themselves.

Residents expressed frustration that despite several reports to the Abura Dunkwa Police Command, no action has been taken.

Residents are worried about the arbitrary beatings by the suspected land guards, despite causing no harm.

The Chief of Abura Abakrampa and Paramount Chief of Abura Traditional Area, Nana Otu VII, responded to these allegations, stating that the suspected land guards are not land guards but military personnel assigned to provide security for him.

The Chief mentioned that a court had instructed residents to vacate some portions of Abakrampa land.

Meanwhile, residents are calling for action, threatening to escalate the situation if nothing is done about the alleged maltreatment and harassment by the suspected land guards, which they say has left them living in fear and panic.