The High Court in Accra hearing the ongoing Ambulance Case has admitted the entire WhatsApp conversation between Richard Jakpa and Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame into evidence, despite objections from Richard Jakpa’s lawyers.

The conversation included 68 messages from Richard Jakpa and two responses from Godfred Dame.

Richard Jakpa’s legal team argued that the version of the conversation submitted differed from what was on their client’s phone, pointing out discrepancies in dates which raised concerns about authenticity and potential prejudice.

However, the prosecution contended that the messages were crucial to the case, particularly because Jakpa had not presented the complete conversation himself.

The judge ultimately ruled in favor of admitting the WhatsApp conversation, determining that its inclusion would not unfairly disadvantage Jakpa.

Dr Ato Forson, the current Minority leader in Parliament, and businessman Richard Jakpa have been accused of willfully causing financial loss to the republic to the tune of 2.37 million euros through the purchase of ambulances.

They have pleaded not guilty and are standing trial.