In a significant development for the gospel music industry, renowned Ghanaian music producer Kwame Mickey, along with the musical group Team Eternity, have resolved a legal dispute concerning the song “Defe Defe.”

This announcement was made public through a joint press statement by Kwame Mickey, OFM Computer World, and Team Eternity Ghana (TEG).

The controversy originated from allegations that Team Eternity had used portions of an existing song, also titled “Defe Defe,” originally released 20 years ago by Hallelujah Voices, without obtaining the necessary permissions from the copyright holders. These allegations were formally brought to light by OFM Computer World and Debrich Group of Companies, a multinational entity with operations across Ghana, Nigeria, and Europe.

In response to the allegations, both parties engaged in negotiations to resolve the matter amicably. As a result, a Licence Agreement has been duly executed. Under this agreement, Kwame Mickey grants TEG the non-exclusive right to use specific words from the original song in their new version of “Defe Defe.”

The successful negotiation of the License Agreement signifies a positive outcome for both sides and underscores the importance of proper licensing in the music industry.

Source: Mensah