For the past few years now, Africa has steadily been growing its tourism sector. In 2019, the continent was ranked as the second fastest growing tourism destination in the world. Then Covid happened.

But barely 3 years after the Covid-19 pandemic, we are already steadily bouncing back. There’s still a long way to go to hit the more than 30 million people that used to visit the continent for tourism reasons in the pre-covid era, but the outlook is great.

With all the successes that we’ve chalked in the past few years, there still exist some challenges. Tour businesses still have to rely on very inefficient processes to manage their operations: Having to create multiple WhatsApp accounts to manage their different tour offers, Google forms to collect customer information, expensive website development and maintenance costs, customer payment issues among others. The alternative option will be to use very expensive foreign options like TripAdvisor and Viator that charge huge commissions on each tour sold through their platform with extra yearly subscriptions.

For individuals like you and I, it’s a different kind of hassle trying to find tours being offered by trusted and vetted tour operators to book. Trying to organise a trip either alone or with friends? Good luck with finding a platform that helps you with that.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. That’s why a platform like Mizormor (pronounced mee-zor-mor) exists.


What is Mizormor?

Mizormor makes it fun to plan trips (and other activities) either alone or with friends. It also helps people browse through a curated list of tours from local travel agencies and tour guides to book. Going to a new destination and need itinerary ideas or just not in the mood for all that planning? Mizormor’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) trip planning companion has got you covered. The platform currently supports 5 languages with more on the way: English, French, Spanish, Swahili and Arabic. It also has support for more than 100 currencies.

If you operate a tour business, then you should really check out Mizormor for Agencies—the app that helps manage all your operations in one place. With the Mizormor for Agencies app, you can:

  • Publish and sell tours
  • Receive payment from customers
  • Invite and manage your team members
  • Chat with your customers
  • Gain access to actionable insights

The project has been in beta testing mode with selected agencies and travelers for some months now. After a successful pilot phase, they’re launching the platform for everyone to have access. In addition to being more affordable than its competitors, Mizormor offers a unique user experience that is tailored specifically for the African market, making it easier and more convenient for both travelers and tour operators to use.

The team is being led by Hope Adoli and Peter Sowah, 2 very experienced people who in the past have built digital products that are currently used by millions across the world.

How to access the Mizormor app?

If you’re looking to plan trips with friends and find tours to book, you can install the Mizormor by tapping here

For tour operators and tour guides who want to improve their operations, you can install the Mizormor for Agencies app by tapping here