Empire Entertainment on Friday donated items worth thousands of cedi to the Lartebiokoshie Cluster of Schools in Accra.

A team led by its Chief Executive Officer, Kwabena Anokye Adisi (Bola Ray) donated 10 bags of cement, 20 footballs, goalkeepers’ gloves, whistles, 72 football jerseys and plaques for labeling of each school.

”Our presence in this community is not only as neighbors but also as members of the whole community that it takes to raise one child. Empire remains committed to identifying areas of need within our locality and beyond. It was our plight, this year, to support Latebiorkoshie Cluster of Schools so as to motivate the students towards achieving greater and building greater patterns for success in the future,” Bola Ray said.

”It is our firm belief that educating, nurturing and encouraging the youth is one way to ensure the future of our community and nation. We have all been young before and have countless memories of our school days where lessons were learned, experiences shared and bonds made. These formative years are the most important and it is essential that we create a culture for academic pursuit, goal setting, determination and success.”

Laillah Crystal Banda, General Manager of Empire Entertainment added “Sportsmanship, responsibility, accountability; all these things are attained through sporting activities as well as building team morale. Individual development, youth development, and all those things I mean effective communication.

“Those all start from sporting activities and engaging in teamwork so what we’ve done is we contacted the school and asked ‘what are your areas of need’, they said they needed sporting equipments so we added to that , some hygiene items as well as refreshing them today, uniforms and learning aids for the top students in every class.”

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The donation is one several the organization has embarked on in the past.

Empire has for years supported the SOS Children’s Village in in Tema.

By: Kasapafmonline.com/Ghana