Controversial Ghanaian boxer Braimah Kamoko, a.k.a Bukom Banku has called on the gods of the Ga State to kill him and his entire family if indeed he’s sinned against them.

In a Friday morning interview on Kasapa FM’ morning show, Anopa Kasapa, Banku, whose boxing bout of 2014 with colleague Ayitey Powers has been named by the Ga Traditional Council as one of the possible causes of the recent flood and fire disaster, says everything about the claims was surprising to him.

“Why didn’t the gods kill me and my family. Let them kill me. I have a wife, kids and siblings… they could have come for us instead of killing the innocent people.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong by choosing to fight on that day.”

“I believe in tradition but this is wrong.,” he told host Fiifi Banson.

Defending their choice of date, which the Council claims went against the rule governing the traditional ban on drumming and noise making, he told Fiifi Banson that at the time they fought the people os Osu, the area where the bout took place were free from the ban, insisting the generalization of the issue calls for worry.

“This no issue. Why would they come and tell us we were responsible. Yes the ban on drumming was around at that time but the Osu people were not having theirs.”

“It is wrong for this to be blamed on me and Ayitey Powers.”

Banku and Powers’ well publicized boxing bout of last year was yesterday said to be one of several causes of the recent flood and fire disaster that led to the loss of over 150 deaths.

The Ga Traditional Council claimed that the fight which was staged during the ban on drumming and noise making, was held to the “displeasure of the traditional rulers”.

At a press conference in Accra, the Council argued that organizers of the bout decided to disregard the local traditional rule.

“… a boxing tournament between Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers was staged at Accra Sports Stadium much to the displeasure of the traditional rulers because it was staged during the ban on drumming and noise making…”

The Council adds that it wishes to “appeal to all residents in Accra and its environs to observe the simple traditional norms and customary rites as enunciated by the Gas to ensure peace which is devoid of any calamity.”

Thursday afternoon’s press conference the Council says was to draw the attention of organizers of such events to the spiritual consequences if the law wasn’t observed.

President of the Council Dodoo Tackie backed his claim with a tall list of national events including the May 9 Accra Sports Stadium disaster of 2001 that led to the loss of 127 lives, and the recent #Dumsormuststop vigil led by actress Yvonne Nelson as case studies of events that flouted the traditional law on ban on drumming and noise making.