Many articles on SBK deal with Lifestyle topics, and we all know that its relationship with seduction is huge. But believe me, it is even bigger than you imagined!

Many people have a hard time building a good LifeStyle. Seduction is nothing without LifeStyle, yet many people don’t know this. Why?

Because the « how? » aspect that lies in our thoughts is there, and it is really obvious. All you have to do is fill the pages of your appointment book!
The following article will deal with the different options and steps that you can take to fill your appointment book, as well as useful advice to maintain your interesting lifestyle.

The Relationship between Lifestyle and Seduction

People tend to choose people who have great social value. Let’s take the example of two men.

When a woman watches these two men, she quickly goes towards that man who has great value, where Natural Attraction comes from. The man feels more sain. The man is smarter. The man has better social relationships. The man is more comfortable financially. The man is more sexually preselected (has more sex appeal)…

Such a man constantly attracts the woman, because he simply has higher values.

Your personal development

Before I get into the world of women and seduction, you should work on yourselves. Tell me what the difference between a man and a woman is?

I know what you are going to tell me… no Sir, I’m not talking about physical appearance… The answer is obvious: “taking care of you”!!

Now a question that you are going to love: “what kind of woman would you wish to have?”

Hum… Interesting. Now answer this one: “what are your chances of seducing a woman by being physically far from her, really FAR from this person who has social values?”

Yes indeed, the answer may be closer to 0!

The kind of woman we like is usually: “beautiful, smart, cultivated, elegant, charming… To sum up, a woman who takes care of herself. If that were really the kind of woman that attracted you, what makes you think that such a woman would be attracted by someone who does NOT take care of himself…?

Let’s start!


LOOKS!! Yes this has a key importance in the seduction game, and is essential to attraction!!

Many articles deals with tips and gimmicks on how to dress properly and are available on SBK. If that is not enough, I have a small challenge for you:

Try to hit on 3 to 5 women in the street by telling them this: “good evening girls, what do you think is the best place to buy clothes for men in the neighborhood?”

Take their advice and go visit the place that they recommend. Once you are in the recommended store, go see the salesman and tell him: “hi, I would like to change my looks, what do you have to offer?”
Listen carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions. You don’t have to buy, but at least you will know what your future style will look like.

Your Personality

« …. Someone with a strong personality! » this is the answer one of the women gave him to the question on what type of men she liked.

Do you have a strong personality? Do you have a personality that really shows that you know how to seduce women? Do you have such attractive qualities?

“Just keep your mind open”. I offer you two nice things:

1- Before going to sleep, for example, when you close your eyes, (preferably in calm place far away from distractions!) imagine that you are in a scene where you meet a group of women. Look at them carefully; forget what he says but most importantly pay attention to what he says. Pay attention to how other people react. Put yourself in the image of the person that you wish to be, and it is this person who is seducing and attractive!

2- Grab paper and a pen. Draw a table with two columns. Put “qualities” in one, and “drawbacks” in the other. Then ask yourself the question based on what you really want to be: what will my qualities be? Then ask yourself questions about your drawbacks, in order to fill the table. Your mission will be to assume that you have drawbacks which you can avoid to a maximum, then concentrate on your desired qualities. When you pretend to be courageous, you become courageous.

Your body language

No need to remind you that Body Language is essential for communication. Body language depends on two things: your gestures and your tone.

1- Gestures: everything related to posture, the gestures you make with hands, the way you walk, the way you move your body. Try this little exercise with posture. Put yourself straight against a wall with your head as well (avoid space between your back and the wall) and stay there for a minute. Repeat this exercise which will only take 2 minutes and it will help you a lot

2- Tone: This goes with your speech, in a way that “how it is said” becomes the most important. The sound that you hear in your head when you talk is completely different from that which the people you talk with hear. A soft and low voice, rapid speech, brain farts or a monochord voice are one of the most common problems with voice. Tip: A sound recorder will be your new friend.

Your goals

Goals are in harmony with motivation. One of the major problems with failures in life. If you want to be interesting, you should have a dream (an interesting one) if you question some people on their future plan they may mention the following week, which may, in turn, be like the previous week…
You may have a dream that will leave everyone speechless… something exciting!

You should also take steps to achieve your dream. “I want to be an actor. I’ve started studying art and I also act in the theater…”
However, you should not just talk about it, you should live it!!

LifeStyle and appointment books

Do you have a planner? Not the one on your cell phone, but a real planner!! OK, do you fill things in it? How do you want a good LifeStyle if your planner is empty?

Everything starts here! Whether you’re a student, a businessman or even an artist, your planner should be useful to manage your daily life, and most importantly, FILL IT!!

Her: Are you free tonight?
You: Yes, I’m taking salsa classes
Her: What about tomorrow night?
You: Just a second, I’ll check my planner…”

Busy men’s attitude sometimes bothers people, but it also attracts people. And that’s what makes a social man who has a social life, a social VALUE!

Develop hobbies

Your planner will be filled with hobbies. Do you have hobbies? If you do, how many? Most people will say: « ye, but I don’t have time… » time for what? Are you busy all the time? With work? With studies?

No! Those are just lame excuses! Work, home, home, work and go out for a drink every weekend and there’s nothing exciting about your life.

Sports: There are two types of sports that you could practice: individual sports, and team sports. Individual sports will influence yourself, your body and your spirit. Team sports will help you develop the spirit of challenge and perseverance. For example: Body building or swimming, badminton and fitness, Futsal or Muscle toner etc.

Tip: Also consider martial arts or boxing… Learning how to defend yourself is also a lifestyle;)

* Music: Do you know a Bad Boy who plays the flute? Or a nice shy little boy who plays the electric guitar? Think about music, try to learn an instrument, take classes… Music has the power to change your world, and notice what it does in your surroundings…

*Dancing: « Women associate dancing to sex… » by Hitch. He’s right!! Imagine you’re on a dance floor… There’s this woman who looks at your and gets closer to you to dance with her. At the beginning, you’re attractive, interested and selected. But once you dance with her, you imagine this little spot that demystifies everything. Learning Salsa, Valse or Tango will make go from someone who was chosen to dance with to a denser and someone who is “good in bed”.

* Art: The mother of cultures! Seduction is an art, it’s true… But does art play a role in seduction? Let me tell you something… art plays a role in EVERYTHING!!
Whether it’s music, painting, architecture, dance etc… it has a huge effect!!

Bonding with interesting people:

This is what people call Social Proof, which revolves around your social circle, made up of friendships and acquaintances, who tend to be interesting people…But I would like to signal that having a mixed social circle is much more interesting…

Imagine you organize a party at your place and that you invite several people of different cultures… I bet you would never get bored. These people have traveled around the world they are artists, they know about this and that… these people are interesting and can inspire you.

Social proof is omnipresent and wherever you may go, it is a question of integration. Don’t feel like you have to integrate with everyone, but integrate with the people YOU desire to integrate with, those who inspire YOU. You probably haven’t forgotten that you are the price…

Accept Change

There always comes a point when you feel like everything has to change. Because of my career, I had to change countries, my home, my friends and my habits.

I have to change everything about my lifestyle, start all over again, especially when I noticed that when things don’t work, I have to build a plan to adapt to the place where I would be more capable of living. It was a project, a challenge that was not that difficult to realize, but it was worth it.

Ever since I’ve experienced nothing but success… Anyways, I want to tell you that you don’t need someone to come whisper to your ear “wake up, it’s time to change!!” You’re an adult, and you’re capable of taking your own responsibilities and manage your own consequences.

Don’t fear change. Sometimes you will notice that through your friends, who can look worried, but everything will be alright, it’s for your own good.

Just be careful, self-confident and go all the way, success is in your hands, all you have to do is open them.