The disqualified Presidential Candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) Dr Henry Lartey has urged his supporters to consider their current living condition and vote for a party which will have their interest in the upcoming December 7 elections.

According to him, though he’s hugely disappointed that he’s been kicked out of the race, he’ll not proceed to court in the interest of peace as there’s less than a month to the crucial polls.

Dr Lartey is among 7 other Presidential candidates who have been disqualified a second time by the Electoral Commission (EC).  The Commission in October disqualified 12 Presidential candidates from the December 7 election following numerous anomalies found on their nomination forms.

Some of the aggrieved candidates proceeded to the High court to challenge their disqualification and won judgement. However, the Electoral Commission appealed the decision of the High Court at the Supreme Court but lost the case.

The apex court of the land on Monday ordered the EC to allow all disqualified candidates to correct mistakes on their nomination forms within 24 hours and re-submit them to the Commission.

But upon expiration of the deadline, the Chairperson of the EC, Charlotte Osei on Wednesday announced that the commission was unable to accept Mr Lartey’s nomination forms and that of seven other candidates because they failed meet the statutory requirements.

However speaking to Kasapa News, Dr Lartey stated that the GCPP has been unjustly dealt with, arguing that the basis for his disqualification is not sound.

“This law on which the EC based to disqualify me is a PNDC law which is intended to disqualify smaller parties that are considered strong and a threat to bigger parties. That is not correct…that law must be repealed. We’ve done, regional, constituency elections which cost us so much with the view of contesting this year’s election, and they disqualify us in this manner, then it’s unfortunate. The EC has done a great disservice to Ghanaians by taking the GCPP out if this elections. For the sake of peace we’re not contesting the EC’s decision in court but we’ll continue to make the necessary impact in Ghana’s democracy.”