A newly reelected California official is as good as dead.

Oceanside voters put their city treasurer back in office Tuesday — even though he died nearly two months ago.

Incumbent City Treasurer Gary Ernst, who died in September, won about 53% of the vote. His very alive challenger, Nadine Scott, earned about 47% of support.

The 61-year-old mortgage broker, who suffered from diabetes and was in poor health, was found dead in his on Sept. 23, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. His name was already on the ballots, which were printed weeks before the November election.

Scott chalked up her late opponent’s win to a lack of knowledge and confusing ballots.

“I believe thousands of voters were unaware of my opponent’s untimely death and were inundated with political mailers supporting,” she told the newspaper.

The Oceanside City Council now has two options to fill the vacant seat. The group can either appoint a successor or arrange for a second, special election.

Scott may submit her name for consideration, should the council decide to go with the appointment route. She has already said would like the council to name her the new treasurer.

“That would be the honest and honorable thing to do and show respect for the people who voted for me,” Scott said.


New York Daily News