The Electoral Commission has commended the various stakeholders for a fruitful collaboration enjoyed in the first phase of the conduct of polls which began Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

Addressing a Press conference in the capital, Accra, after voting officially closed in all centres across the country, the chairperson of the commission, Charlotte Osei said she was enthused about the out-turn of the process so far, calling on all to continue in the same spirit till the end of the elections.

“I am very proud of the work that we’ve put out today.We want to thank you and ask that as the voting starts the same spirit of dialogue and patience that we’ve seen from political parties and their agents, we would urge them to continue in that spirit,” she reiterated

“We’ve started the counting process in most polling stations. It’s transparent and inclusive process. And we are looking forward to a very successful completion of the process.

It is her maiden test on the job, with regards to handling of polls in the West African nation -Ghana.

Ms. Osei prior to the polls December 7, pledged new transparency measures but was still criticized by opposition supporters for her alleged closeness to the ruling NDC party.

However, critics have already revered the efficiency of the Election Management Body(EMB) in conducting a smooth democratic process this year.

Ghana is a bellwether and anchor for Africa’s democratic trends. The outcome of this poll will be closely watched and could have an outsized regional impact,”  Alex Vines,head of the Africa program at the Chatham House, a London-based think tank has said.