A local governance expert, Mr. Amon Kotei, has advocated for a virile local governance structure under the new NPP government stronger than what was bequeathed to them by the NDC government.

He explained that governance issue and structure as it pertains at the base of the political structure[MMDAs] lacks the necessary coordination in functions.

This he argued has been the bane that has held back development and progress at the districts.

“They didn’t consider the real function of the District Assembly. And so some of the functions are tertiary and delegated according to practice. If we don’t coordinate all these very well, our efforts in strengthening the Local government system will come to naught,” Amon told host Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM.

He said eventhough, the decentralization policy devolves central administrative authority to the district level, the MMDCEs are clouded with political activism than the real functions at the grassroot, a situation inhibiting the local government drive in the country.

“The MCE should understand why he’s been elected/appointed into that office. He’s the authority in the local area,” Mr. Amon reiterated.

Meanwhile he said the various Assemblies must endeavour to boost the assembly’s internally generated funds substantially to support development projects of the assemblies than depending solely on the Common Fund for their activities.

He adds: “Everybody is waiting for common fund. It doesn’t help the system”