Ghana’s Parliament has started the processes leading to the acquisition of  a new generator for the House after a major power outage frustrated its sittings Wednesday.

The yet-to-be-purchased asset will replace the 19-year-old existing one, which failed to work this morning as it had no fuel.

Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Parliament of Ghana, Kate Addo, who disclosed this in an interview with Wednesday, said “the process of acquiring new generators has started. At the moment, the Board has approved it and procurement process is being followed. So, I am sure that within the shortest possible time we will get new equipment and this will be a thing of the past.”

The 19-year-old equipment she said, “disappointed everyone” when it was needed most.

Power was restored to Parliament Wednesday after an hour of power cut, reported.

The House was forced to suspend sitting during the outage.

Kasapa FM‘s Stephen Odoi-Larbi earlier reported that:

“The MPs were in the thick of affairs considering various loan agreements the country has entered into with some international organisations when the incident happened.

“The chamber is partially in darkness. The foyer and other offices of Parliament are also partially in darkness.

“The Minority who are not enthused about the situation have protested saying “upon all the loans, President Mahama cannot fix dumsor”.

“The members are using their mobile phone torch light systems to aid their reading of the day’s Order Paper and other official documents which has been laid before the House for consideration and adoption.

“Members have resigned to their seats chatting with one another.”

Odoi-Larbi additionally reported that “one phase of the facility’s metres has been broken down for about three weeks now without being attended to.”

Parliament he said “is in touch with the ECG to put them on an emergency service.”

Officials of the ECG are yet to respond to the request.