A group calling itself the Concerned Youth of Ablekuma Central is rooting for one of its own, and member of the Party’s communication team, Peter Boamah Otukunor as their preferred candidate ahead of the ruling National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary primaries.

In a statement this week, the group sought to validate its position, insisting most of them “were delegates,” with the eligibility to vote.

The statement further read:

“Our checks with the electorates have indicated that, they need a candidate who will give the opposition candidate a better run for his money. Most party members have openly indicated their desire for an affable, selfless, humble, dedicated, committed, transparent, truthful and above all a unifier to lead them into 2016.

“At this point in our forward march as a constituency, we the members of the CYACC are convinced that the only person with such leadership qualities and traits is PETER BOAMAH OTOKUNOR. Beyond all doubts, we are certain that the NDC can only retain the seat if OTOKUNOR leads us into 2016. It will interest you to know that, the name

“OTOKUNOR” is already a household name and continues to resonate with both the young and old in the constituency.

“It therefore behooves on us, as stakeholders of this constituency to act in consonance with the hopes and aspirations of our party members and present a candidate that is easily marketable. Presenting any other candidate apart from OTOKUNOR to the electorates come 2016 will be suicidal and the NPP will take the seat on a silver platter.

“Our call on OTOKUNOR to contest the primaries of the NDC is premised on his continues exhibition of the leadership qualities mentioned earlier. As side that, he has performed par excellence in both his public and private life among his contemporaries. For instance, as JCR president of the Commonwealth hall of the University of Ghana he executed his duties diligently and become the favorite of many in the hall including authorities.

“As a deputy research director of our party, we are convinced that he is highly positioned to unlock all doors and bring to us our share of the better Ghana agenda. He is the only person who can bring back joy and happiness on the face of the youth by providing jobs to the unemployed in the constituency. He continues to provide jobs for a host of our youths and was the only party person who came to the aide of the constituents during the June 3rd and 4thdisaster with some relief items. This in our humble view is the mark of a good leader who can change the fortunes of his constituent when he becomes a member of parliament.

“Our constituency remains a swing constituency and thus we need a personality who is appealing and will be able to convince floating voters come 2016. The only person who is best positioned to make our parliamentary fortunes easy come 2016 is PETER BOAMAH OTOKUNOR.

“We are therefore pleading with OTOKUNOR to come to our rescue as a people and pick up nomination forms to contest the primaries when nominations are opened. We also wish to state that, OTOKUNOR has no choice to make because we the CYACC have already made the choice for him. We do hope he will construe it as an OBVIOUS CALL TO AN ASSIGNMENT.

“His failure to accept our choice will mean he does not have the interest of the constituency and the NDC at heart for which reason we shall use all resources at our disposal to make sure he is relieved of all his appointments at the shores of government and the party. “

By: Kasapafmonline.com/Ghana