Dr. John Ackah Blay-Miezah, was a renown politician from the Western  Region and is from Nzema but lived most of his life in the US.

I have heard, read social media conversations and discussions following the interview Monalisa Ml Brookshire nee Blay Miezah granted to a popular radio station in Accra making some statements about Dr. John Ackah Blay-Miezah.

My dad, was a good father, a businessman and was a great philanthropist but it is unfortunate how many people are tarnishing the reputation of our late father for no reason.

What exactly did Blay Miezah steal?, what has Blay Miezah Stolen?, how much money did he steal?, who has Blay Miezah duped? If they say he has duped team A, is it team Z that will talk for team A? No. The news about him scamming several whites is untrue.

Blay Miezah lived in Europe and nobody arrested him. I believe this has been fueled by speculation over the years that have no substance. I am challenging the world to prove if Blay Miezah has duped anyone to bring the document which shows you were duped by him and his family will pay you. If you have no evidence leave his soul to rest in peace.

Dr. John Ackah Blay Miezah has nothing to do with Nam1. Nana Appiah Mensah. The MenzGold CEO is not in any way related to Blay Miezah and I know on a score that the Blay Miezah family has nothing to do with Nam 1.