Ambrose Dery, Interior Minister

Ambrose Dery, Minister of Interior has expressed hope and confidence in the police administration in rescuing some three girls who were kidnapped by unknown kidnappers in the Western Region last year.

He said “The police are on top of the matter”, adding that “It will come to a time that, as a country, we take some decisions as to what we want – our privacy. We should be able to use technology to track where a person is calling from, but are we prepared to give up our privacy?.”

Mr Dery told journalists on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the annual review of his Ministry’s 2018 activities, that the country’s laws on privacy is hindering progress in finding the girls.

The three are 15-year old Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21, and Ruth Love Quayson.

Mr. Dery is however hopeful that none of the three girls will be killed before they are found.

“As a nation, while we are working hard at this, we are bringing in whatever support we can get from outside because we are talking about our girls, they are the future. Yes, it is very painful exercise for us. We are very hopeful that none of them have been killed,” he said.

Meanwhile families of the victims have blamed the police of not being proactive in its rescue mission. They say the search for the three girls have taken quiet a longer time than usual.