The Minister for Interior, Ambrose Dery says criminals can no longer hold the country hostage given the investment in equipment made in the security services.

According to him, the days where areas like Yaji were taken over by armed robbers are over.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament during a debate on the President’s State of Nation Address, Mr. Dery assures the public that NADMO is now ready to deal with disasters such as earthquakes.

“Ghana now, Mr. Speaker, we do not have a threat of being held hostage by criminals. Is it perfect, no, we intend to continue to do more and Mr. Speaker let use this opportunity to appeal to the public. That we should not shield suspects even if they are relatives. Because if we do that then it means that they will harm us, harm other people.

“So we will like to say that we will continue to depend on them and that security is a collective responsibility. With the numbers we need more even though the recruitment on the Immigration, Fire Service, Prisons and all have been unprecedented as compared to the past,” the Interior Minister stated.

He however stated that despite the number of recruitment the nation still needs more.

“Because each every person does want to have a police station established. Mr. Speaker the other agencies under the Ministry of Interior are doing very well. Right now with NADMO we are moving into the contingency plan in the short term,” Mr. Dery indicated.

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