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A Security Analyst, Adib Saani has questioned the quality of the training regime for personnel of the Ghana Police Service, condemning the brute force with which some officers handle civilians.

His comment follows an incident in which two police officers in Asankragwa were captured in a video brutalizing a civilian on suspicion that he was the owner of a bag that contained substances believed to be marijuana.

Speaking on Kasapa 102.5FM/Agoo TV, Adib Saani while condemning the action by the police officers called on the Ghana Police Service to train officers more on democratic policing.

“The truth is that majority of Ghana Police officers are strong only when they have a gun, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With or without a gun, our police officers should be able to handle situations, just that they have to make sure that they don’t put themselves in unnecessary danger. If a gun is taken away from a Ghana police officer he or she becomes helpless.”

He added: “This is because of the training regime these officers pass through which we must look into it. We must also look into democratic policing and train our officers on how they should handle civilians. The more force you use in certain situations, the less you are likely to have the citizens cooperate with you. If you use force most of the time as a police service you are collapsing the bridge between you and the civilian populace. Because, at a point, they see you as a tyrant and not as savior and that is very dangerous.”

Meanwhile, the two Police officers, Inspector Prince Awuah and G/Cpl. John Ahiamata according to the Police Service are to be taken through the due process of the law.

The cops, both with the Divisional MTTD Asankrangwa have been referred to the Police Professional Standards Bureau which is handling the case.

According to a Police statement, “the victim has been contacted to assist in the investigation”