The Eastern Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged the Inter-ministerial committee set up to deal with the flooding that has occurred following the spillage of the Akosombo Dam to embark on on-site visits to affected communities.

According to the NDC, such visits are essential to ascertain the extent of property damage and disruptions to livelihoods, which will in turn inform appropriate relief and compensation efforts.

Communities in the Eastern Region affected include: Asuogyaman District: Abom Kwadwo, Abume, Kudi Korpe, and Atimpoku. Fanteakwa North District: Dedeso No 10, Adakope, Akakpo Korpe, Adavedzi, Ganyo, Twemeleveme, Kuase, Pretefour, and Abuakwao.

Upper Manya Krobo District: Akateng, Ayensu, and Akorkorma.

A statement signed by Kojo Danquah, Eastern Regional Communications Officer said “At this juncture, we would like to draw the government’s attention to the dire consequences that this spillage has inflicted upon those in the Eastern Region. Regrettably, we have observed that there has been an absence of official commentary or response from the government thus far.

“The Eastern Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress has been closely monitoring the profound repercussions resulting from the recent Akosombo Dam spillage, which has significantly impacted various communities in our region adjacent to the Volta Lake. The NDC in the region sympathize with the affected individuals and the communities.”

It added: “Furthermore, we have noted instances of apparent discrimination within state agencies, particularly in the assessment of the devastation. It is concerning that certain communities mentioned above have been excluded from the assessment process. We call upon the President to ensure that these agencies operate in accordance with the presidential oath, which mandates that “the President will do right to all manner of persons in the country.”

The party urged residents to remain composed as we express our steadfast support and solidarity for them, as well as for those who have selflessly responded to the call for emergency operations and life-saving assistance within and beyond these affected communities.