Daniel Asiedu, the man who has been accused of murdering late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu has opened his defense to charges.

Asiedu, who is affectionately called Sexy Don Don is facing two charges – murder and robbery and has pleaded not guilty.

The Court presided over by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo has ordered him to open his defense after prosecution was able to establish a prima facie evidence against him.

The case is being prosecuted by Mrs. Sefakor Batse, a Principal State Attorney.

On Monday, May 13, 2024, three years after the trial had commenced, Asiedu entered the witness box to mount defense.

As part of his Evidence-in-Chief while being led by his lawyers led Yaw Dankwah, Asiedu explained how he left his abode at Madina Maye Hot to Agbogbloshie Konkomba (Konkonsa Bar) to patronize prostitutes.

This was after he told the Court that he had made more money from his sales on February 8, 2016.

He told the Court that, the lady who gained his attention at the Konkonsa Bar and took him to her house for sex is Janet (Tsrah) who had been described as his wife.

Prosecution had called 8 witnesses including the investigator, driver and security man of the late legislator to give evidence.

Speaking through a twi interpreter, while mounting defense, Asiedu also told the Court that before his arrest he “used to copy songs onto memory cards and sell them at Madina Zongo Junction.”

“On February 8, 2016, after making sales and after making some money…at the time at Madina Zongo Junction, I then decided to visit the prostitute at Agbogbloshie Konkomba at Konkonsa Bar to have sex.

Asiedu, also told the Court that, he boarded a motorcycle from the Zongo Junction at about 6:30pm and arrived at Agbogbloshie about 7:12pm, according to his watch.

Free sex for fine boy

He said, upon arriving at Agbogbloshie and upon raising his head, he could hear a music being played at a Bar which he later got to know as “Konkonsa Bar.”

He said, he was told by a friend that, at the Bar, as long as “you’re a fine boy” there is the chance of getting free sex and free sponsorship from the women there.

“…Having been told by a friend that if you are a fine boy, the women there can propose to you and even offer you a sponsorship and you could get free sex,” with that orientation at the back of “my mind, I entered the (Konkonsa) Bar and ordered for a Blue Jeans.”

Explaining to the Court what he meant by the “women can offer you sponsorship” he said, by sponsorships, he meant “what one wears, eats…and any other thing one will need.”

“After ordering the drink while seated, I saw that a slim lady had come and she asked me whether I had come to see a girlfriend,” Asiedu said, for which, “I answered no.”

Two rounds of sex

Sexy Don Don also told the Court, the Slim Lady “questioned me what I had come there (Konkonsa Bar) for” and his answer to her was that, “I have come there to while away some time.”

He added that, “She (the Slim Lady) then asked to buy me one additional Blue Jeans drink and I said no problem.

“We sat together took drinks, chatted for a while and at about 11:30pm to 12am, she said she will take me to her place and we went,” he told the Court.

He added “She took me into her room where we had sex and after two rounds and I was tired and slept off.”

Asked by Counsel Yaw Dankwah to tell the jury and the court who the slim woman who took him home and had sex with him was, he said her name is Janet (Tsrah).

Top-up at Konkonsa Bar

Explaining to the Court what happened after that, he said, “at the time I woke up it was 2:30am, then the drink had cleared from my eyes and I decided to go back (Konkonsa Bar) for top-up.”

Asiedu told the Court that, “I returned to the Konkonsa Bar and got one Blue Jeans and a cigarette. While drinking, smoking and chatting with those in the Bar, I saw that the alarm had gone off and the time was 4am.”

He told the Court that, he decided to go back to Janet to check on her and to find out “if there was something else that she wants.”


Sexy Don Don said, upon returning to the place where Janet had taken him to, “I saw that people had gathered and I asked her what the matter was.”

Asiedu said, it was there that Janet “informed me that the informant (pimps whose job is to watch over the prostitutes, attack and to steal from the customers who patronize these prostitutes) at the Konkonsa by name Alottey and another Mawuko, had come and knocked at her door and questioned her about the guy (Asiedu) whom he had had the sex with.”

“I asked why they were asking that kind of questions and further asked if she had a boyfriend amongst them, but “she mentioned that Mawuko had ever never proposed to her, but had insulted him.”

According to Asiedu, the answer to his question from Janet was in the negative, “and that she should allow me report this matter to the regional police station.”

EIB Network Legal Affairs Correspondent, Murtala Inusah, reports that, the case has been adjourned to May 14, 2024 for continuation.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com/Murtala Inusah