Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum

The National Democratic Congress in the Ashanti Region has condemned the Education Minister and Ghana Education Service officials for allowing students to leave their schools to attend a political event.

The party is urging parents to oppose their children’s involvement in political activities that interfere with their education.

The controversy arose when Senior High School students were reportedly brought by school authorities to the Kumasi Jubilee Park for a Youth Connect event during Dr. Bawumia’s campaign tour of the Ashanti Region.

NDC Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary, Baah Acheamfour, criticized the NPP for using the students to bolster its waning popularity in the region.

‘One major feature of Dr. Bawumia’s tour was busing of students from various senior high schools for the Youth Connect programme at the Jubilee Park to create a crowd effect to shore up Bawumia’s sinking popularity in his own political stronghold. We find this development very worrying because it shows the desperate length the NPP is prepared to go just to create an illusion of popularity. The laws of the land does not allow partisan politics in our senior high schools. So for the headmasters of this schools to have released SHS students some of who are minors to participate in this political activities at a time they are supposed to be in school is a cause to worry.”

He asserted that the Education Minister must be held accountable for this incident.

“What is even shocking is that this happened right under the nose of the Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum. It is a shame that somebody like Dr. Adutwum who was brought in to introduce international best practices in our education sector will be the same person who is destroying our senior high schools with unbridled partisan politicization.”