The Effutuakwa Traditional Council has found the executives of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Assin Central Constituency to be in contempt for breaking the council’s customary regulations in the Fosu Municipality in the Central Region.

Within two weeks, they must deliver ten sheep, six boxes of Heineken Aromatic Schnapps, and GHC 10,000.00 for the necessary rituals to be performed to reverse the curses.

Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan reported that additionally they are to go to Antoa and Assin Nyankomasi towns whose powerful deities they invoked, to perform the necessary rituals to revoke the curses.

The Assin Fosu Queenmother Nana Afranse IV and Okumaneng Baffuor Asare Kyeahene II who represented the Traditional Council said the directive is to serve as a deterent to others

The NDC had accused the NPP PC of bringing individuals from Kasoa to transfer their votes to the Assin Central Constituency.

The angry party members slaughtered sheep to invoke river gods, Antoa Nyama and Betinsin to deal with anybody who has the intention to rig the December general election in the Assin Central Constituency.

The Assin Central NDC Women’s Organizer, Agartha Yawson led the group to invoke the dreaded deity against the NPP candidate.

But following reports in the community that the NDC officials had invoked curses, the Party was called before the Traditional authorities.

The Chiefs and elders were livid that the party officials had invoked curses stressing that invoking of curses is not allowed in the town.

“Invoking of curses is not permitted on Effutuakwa land, the act of invoking curses shouldn’t have happen. It is an act that the traditional authority frowns upon. If you invoke a curse, and you slaughter a sheep and blood oozes onto the ground it means you are calling for blood. It is a taboo for you to call for the blood of any inhabitant of this community. There are dire consequences for the act of invoking curses and we as leaders of this community would not want to experience any calamity that is why we have summoned you here for you to reverse the curses you rained on people. We have to pacify the gods and other spirits on Effutuakwa land for what has happened.

“As politicians, you eat together, play together but when you meet on radio and TV you act like enemies but we know you guys are friends. So why is it that because of the political power you are searching for, you want to kill people of this land? We’ve never heard John Mahama, Bawumia, Asiedu Nketiah invoking a curse, neither have we heard NPP General Secretary, Justin Frimpong Kodua invoking a curse . So why is that those of you down the political ladder are the ones invoking curses to kill ourselves to gain political power” the Chief, Okumaneng Baffuor Asare Kyeahene II asked?.