Private Legal Practitioner and Social Commentator, Dr. Maurice Ampaw says the Founder and Leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen is not a politician.

According to the controversial lawyer, Alan Kyerematen lacks the quality needed to be a political figure.

Speaking to Host Bonohene Baffour Awuah on Ghana Kasa on Kasapa 102.5FM Thursday, Lawyer Ampaw said Alan Kyerematen should have been a career Diplomat or a Pastor.

“As for Alan Kyerematen, I feel sorry for him. The reason why I feel sorry for him is that he’s not a politician. He looks like someone who has been called by God to be a Pastor or a Diplomat. He’s been cast in the mould of the likes of Kofi Annan. That is why the Asantehene described him as a gentleman. Alan is not a politician one bit. Someone who wants to be President, you were in Akufo-Addo’s government for seven years, you were first in the Kufour government and have believed in NPP policies and have implemented them at the Trade and Industry sector. You go for election and after you are defeated, you now realize that you were in the wrong place.”

He added: “After leaving the NPP, you have also surrounded yourself with people who are bitter, people who have been rejected by the NPP or who feel that they were not treated well are those who have surrounded you. You have associated with them and they are not channeling anything but bitterness. He doesn’t know where he stands, whether to join the opposition or be anti-opposition. What even makes it clear that Alan is not a politician is those he’s formed an alliance with. Failed politicians like Odike, even his own party that he formed, he was kicked out of it. How do form alliance with such a person,” he asked?